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Professional Development

Gamma Iota Sigma's Professional Development Series

Learn best practices for personal branding, job searching, and business professionalism. Visit the Gama Iota Sigma Learning Portal, powered by The National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research, to complete the series. Questions? Need your Gamma Iota Sigma Portal login details? Email Alyssa Bouchard at

Bonus Module: Virtual Professionalism. Learn best practices for navigating the virtual job search, virtual networking, and virtual work best practices. Continue to pursue your career success in these unprecedented times.

Virtual Conference Guide for Students

The insurance industry is gearing up for a fall of virtual conferences and events. Colleges and universities nationwide are working to pivot their annual career fairs to a virtual format. Are you ready? Gamma Iota Sigma's Virtual Conference Guide will help you prepare for and navigate virtual conferences and events and successfully pursue insurance careers! 

Virtual Internship Guide for Students: Optimizing Your Virtual Internship Experience

Has your internship gone virtual? Make the most of your virtual internship experience! In this guide Gamma Iota Sigma shares insights, tips, and best practices to help you prepare for virtual work opportunities and optimize your internship experience.