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Insurance is Everywhere! 

Find your path, pursue your passion. This global industry has a need for students with ALL backgrounds. Check out some of the many career paths available.

There are many career paths in the insurance industry. Find your fit!

Account Manager/CSR

What does an Account Manager/CSR do?


What does an Actuary do?


What does an Agent Producer do?


What does a Broker do?

Claims Adjuster

What does a Claims Adjuster do?

Claims Appraiser

What does a Claims Appraiser do?

Fraud Investigator

What does a Fraud Investigator do?

IT Manager

What does an IT Manager do?

Loss Control Specialist

What does a Loss Control Specialist do?

Marketing Rep.

What does a Marketing Representative do?

Risk Manager

What does a Risk Manager do?


What does an Underwriter do?

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