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This extraordinary lifelong network promotes the interconnectedness of the industry and contributes to the continued growth and vibrancy of the talent pipeline through the Alumni Council and its regional chapters by forging and deepening relationships, engaging and mentoring the next generation of students and young professionals, and working collaboratively with other existing professional associations. The best ambassadors for our industry, alumni are instrumental in exposing students to the ever-evolving fields and opportunities. Stay involved with Gamma Iota Sigma after you graduate!

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#GammaHasGivenMe more industry connections,
educational seminars, professional opportunities and personal friendships than I can count!

Sarah Johnson
University of St. Thomas Alumnus ’17, Actuarial Science Major, Twin Cities Alumni Chapter Regional Director

Alumni Profiles

Dymphna Menendez
California State University, Fullerton ’14; Economics, Finance, Risk Management, & Women's Studies Major; Los Angeles Alumni Chapter Regional Director

How has GIS impacted your career?

Gamma is a huge network, and it provides opportunities in so many ways. For me, it's how I met my future boss. Starting a career isn't easy, but being a Gamma member not only sets you off on the right foot, but a step ahead.


Why did you join GIS?

I first heard of GIS when the business school was promoting "Insurance Day." After walking through the company exhibits and speaking to Gamma students, I realized there was an opportunity to learn something new and interesting. The people were great too! After joining, I learned so much from my peers and from industry professionals that I felt empowered.


What advice would you give to students considering joining GIS?

A lot of people say to cast a wide net when exploring career opportunities, what I would add is that you also want to make sure that you have the best chance to get the most exposure to the right people. That is what Gamma provides. You have the chance to speak to so many professionals and executives that you not only grow your professional network but also you network among peers. You'll make friends, mentors, and more.