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Account Manager/Customer Service Representative

Do you pay great attention to detail and enjoy making a difference and helping people?

What do they do?

Account Managers and Customer Service Representatives help to build and maintain client relationships and provide critical support, troubleshooting and conflict resolution to existing clients.

Why is it important?

Account Managers and CSRs are part of an agency’s or carrier’s frontline staff and are often the initial point of contact for a product or policy inquiry or claim issue. As such, they have the opportunity to shape a customer’s experience, which directly impacts loyalty, retention and therefore profitability.

Typical Duties

  • Listen and respond to customers’ questions and concerns

  • Identify and implement solutions

  • Document customer interaction, questions or issues discussed,
    and the course of action recommended or taken

  • Provide referrals or follow-up as needed

Required Skills 

  • Active listening

  • Customer Service Orientation

  • Complex Problem Solving

  • Communication

  • Good Judgment and Decision Making

Career Facts

  • Education and Professional Requirements:

    • Entry-level: Bachelor’s degree and/or on the job training

    • Advancement: Bachelor’s degree, multiple years of work experience


  • Possible career path: Customer Service Representative > Claims Specialist > Claims Manager

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