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SharePoint Site

Each chapter has an online SharePoint website that contains folders with valuable chapter information. Your chapter’s SharePoint site can only be accessed via a username and password, which is set by the Grand Chapter and has been provided to chapter Presidents and Faculty Advisors.

How Can I Access My Chapter's SharePoint Site?

Reach out to your chapter President and/or Faculty Advisor for the link, username, and password that was included in your chapter's Year-End Operations Report. If unable to find the username and password, contact Tandeka Nomvete

What Is Inside My Chapter's SharePoint Site?

  • Chapter Governing Documents

  • Any previously submitted Alumni Contact Data

  • Chapter Invoices (Paid and Open)

  • Any previously submitted Awards Applications

  • Membership Listings (New members and Total members)

  • Any previously submitted Monthly Chapter Reports

  • Annual MCR Points Grid

  • Chapter Summary Reports (Year-End Operational Reports)

How Often Should I Review My Chapter SharePoint Site?

Chapter Presidents and Faculty Advisors should review the folder at least once a month to ensure that chapter operations are running smoothly:

  • Review the MCR submissions to ensure that all GIS chapter-related activities have been reported. 

  • Ensure that all chapter invoices have been paid. 

  • Ensure that all new members have been submitted and captured on the GIS membership lists. 







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