Officer Resource Toolkit

Recruitment and Retention

One of the primary roles of Gamma Iota Sigma is to spark and sustain student interest in the insurance industry. One crucial element to the success of this mission is an efficient recruitment process. After recruiting members, it is important to communicate and provide value in order to sustain members. So, what is the secret to recruiting and retaining members? Providing content that is valuable to your member base!  

Benefits of Having a Recruitment Officer

  • Distribute, collect, and submit GIS membership applications.

  • Plan chapter events to encourage students to join GIS.

  • Facilitate participation in the university’s involvement fair/student association fair.

  • Set chapter membership growth goals.

  • Maintain and analyze chapter member lists and report results to the President and/or Faculty Advisor.

Recruiting Ideas

  • Classroom visits

  • GIS Ambassador Program

  • Incorporate GIS events into class curriculums

  • Make presentations to freshmen in business intro courses

  • Participate in student organization fairs hosted by your college

  • Set up a table and hand out flyers to passing students 

  • Collaborate with business/honor/professional co-ed fraternities on your campus 

  • Utilize school TVs/monitors to raise awareness of GIS and your upcoming chapter events

  • Schedule an informational meeting and provide refreshments (pizza, ice cream, cookies, etc.)

  • Inform students about the GammaSAID Council and how they can join. 

  • Host non-professional events too! For example:

    • Bowling/Arcade games

    • Cookouts

    • Game nights with card games/board games

    • Group lunches or dinners

    • Coffee hours

    • Netflix watch parties

    • Other fun social events.

Using Membership Fees as a Recruiting Tool 

  • Fees could be used as a recruitment tool, for example: 

    • 20% off membership fees if you attend the first general body meeting of the semester.

    • 50% off membership fees if you participate in the first three events of the semester.

  • Chapters that happen to be well-funded (via the college, corporate sponsors, private sponsors, alumni sponsors, etc.) have the option to subsidize membership fees, which can be used as a recruitment tool by offering “free” membership to students.

  • Tip: Treasurers should always be involved in the chapter membership fee decision-making process.

Tips for Success

  • GIS is open to ALL majors; membership cannot be exclusive for any reason.

  • Develop a recruiting strategy conducive to your environment.

  • A successful chapter is not determined by the number of student members. There are several "small" GIS chapters that are thriving! 

  • There is power in the “Word of Mouth” approach - Encourage your current members to be ambassadors for your chapter!

  • Utilize GIS student and alumni testimonials.

  • Inform students about the imminent Insurance industry talent gap and various job opportunities.

  • Leverage social media.

Member Engagement

Students will naturally be attracted to your chapter if your chapter is providing valuable content! Focus on planning and providing awesome events/activities/opportunities and more students will naturally be attracted and want to participate in your events and activities.

Member Engagement Ideas

  • Mentorship Program

    • Peer to Peer: Returning members with new members.

    • Alumni with current members.

    • Industry professionals with current members.

  • Student Engagement Program

    • Utilize a point value system for participating in events (volunteering, industry speaker, professional development, etc.)

    • Sponsor prizes for members with the highest points at the end of the semester (or year).

      • Utilize fundraising to minimize this expense. 

      • Incentivize participation with different prizes like exclusive Gamma gear or opportunities.

Energize Your Chapter

  • Establish guidelines for motivating members that are not active. 

  • Create a clear list of minimum expectations for membership.

  • Develop and encourage a basic set of membership goals. For example:

    • Pay dues in a timely fashion.

    • Attend at least 50% of chapter meetings.

    • Participate in at least one chapter event.

Tips for Success

  • Create a master schedule at the beginning of the semester.

  • Understand what motivates your members.

  • Solicit regular feedback from members.

  • Survey your members to understand what types of content is valuable to them.  

  • Understand your membership demographics and the stage of their life/college career.

  • Engage members on a regular basis and keep them accountable.

  • Establish a rewards program that recognizes membership excellence.