Officer Resource Toolkit

New Member Application Form


  • New members can be submitted year-round with membership expiring June 30 of the current academic year. New members should submit an application form to their chapter leadership, i.e. chapter officer(s) or Faculty Advisor.

  • The membership cycle closes on June 30th each year.

  • Any members entered after 3/15 and before 6/30 will receive their chapter’s certificate at the Leadership Symposium held in August.   


Step by Step Process 

Step 1: Determine which Officer(s) will be responsible for collecting application forms and officially registering new GIS members.

  • Suggestion: Recruiting Officer, Secretary, Public Relations Officer

Step 2: Determine what medium your chapter prefers to collect information from prospective members, options include:

  • Sending out the fillable PDF version or Word document version of the New Member Application Form, receiving either a hard copy or electronic copy in return. Which would subsequently be input by the student officer from step 1.

  • Meeting with each prospective member & filling out the New Member Application online form with them.  

  • Link the PDF application (or something similar) on the school website for students to fill out and list an officer email address that they can email the completed forms to. 


Step 3: Collect membership dues from the new member.

  • GIS charges a one-time fee for a lifetime membership.

  • Each chapter has the flexibility to charge any amount (higher or lower), as per each chapter’s unique needs.

  • Collect the new member dues upfront, so your chapter will be ready to pay the invoice from the Grand Chapter.

  • The Grand Chapter will send you periodical invoices for all members that have been submitted.


Step 4: Access the New Member Online Application Form via the link provided in the Officer & Advisor monthly e-newsletter.


Step 5: In the New Member Online Application Form, begin filling out the form according to the new members’ provided information.

  • Double-check each entry to avoid any spelling mistakes. Spelling mistakes could lead to the new member not receiving any email communications from GIS.

  • After submitting this form, the new member will be entered into the GIS database and will be considered an official registered GIS member.

  • After clicking submit, there is no way for an Officer to edit the information that was submitted into the database. If any changes are needed, email the Grand Chapter to make edits to any GIS member’s profile.


Step 6: The Grand Chapter will periodically send chapter invoices for all new members, so keep an eye out for such invoices. The invoice(s) will include all the names of the newly registered members.


Tips for Success

  • The “Membership Add-Ons” are free subscriptions to professional societies that have partnered with GIS to make these subscriptions available to student members.

  • If the new member has not had an internship yet, enter “N/A” into that section.

  • If after submitting a new member you realize you need to make a change, simply email Grace Grant with any corrections. 

  • The Grand Chapter will provide you with a generic application form in both PDF and Word document formats. Chapters may use the word document version to customize the form to meet their chapter’s needs; however, chapters may not delete any fields required by the Grand Chapter.







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