Officer Resource Toolkit

Monthly Officer Newsletters

All GIS members should be receiving monthly Student e-newsletters from the Grand Chapter. Additionally, all Officers and Faculty Advisors should receive a monthly Officer e-newsletter.


What Is in the Officer Newsletter?

Officer newsletters contain essential resources and updates to enable student officers to lead a successful chapter. It includes:

  • Tips for student officers

  • Monthly focus items 

  • Upcoming events

  • Deadline reminders 

  • Important updates & changes 

  • Opportunities to share with your chapter members 


What If I'm Not Receiving the Officer Newsletter? 

  • Check to see if your chapter has completed the Chapter Update Form

    • Officers reported via this form are added to the Officer listserv. ​

  • Remember to check your spam folder!

    • E-newsletters may inadvertently be routed there, so you may have to add GIS to your safe-senders list on a regular basis.

  • If none of the above works, contact Tandeka Nomvete to review your membership profile.

    • It is possible that a spelling error in an email address may be the cause of the issue. The Grand Chapter can review and edit your membership profile at any time to ensure that the correct email address is added to the Officer listserv. ​

Tips for Success

Take a moment to ensure that ALL of your members are receiving the Student newsletters and that ALL of your officers are receiving an additional Officer newsletter.







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