Officer Resource Toolkit

Monthly Chapter Reports (MCR)

MCR Requirements and Process

Chapters are required to submit Monthly Chapter Reports (MCRs) to the Grand Chapter via the online portal, in order to maintain active chapter status. In addition to the online MCR, chapters will need to complete the Chapter Update Form twice per academic year, which includes the option to attach the Bylaws and Affiliation Agreement.


MCRs allow the chapter to seamlessly communicate with the Grand Chapter about all things chapter-related including:

  • Chapter Events: Speakers, Community Service, Alumni, Social, etc…

  • Public Relations: When a chapter is recognized in a school newspaper or otherwise, chapters can earn points on their MCRs, while also allowing the Grand Chapter to share the publication.

  • Chapter Leaders: Reporting your officers on a monthly basis (points earned on a semesterly basis), allows the Grand Chapter to effectively communicate with the right individuals in your chapter fulfilling leadership roles.

  • GIS Ambassador Program/High School Outreach

  • Involvement in Inter-Chapter Activities

  • Alumni Contact Information

Reports should be completed online via this link on the 10th of each month (i.e. your August report is due on September 10th). Each report should include events and information from the appropriate month (i.e. your August report should only cover information from August 1 – August 31). Chapters should submit 10 reports each school year (August – May), regardless of how much their chapter did that month.

MCR Online Form and Resources for Chapter Leaders

  • Alumni Contact Information Template (to be attached to MCR Online Form with November and April reports).

  • 2020-2021 MCR Structure and Points System

  • Sample Affiliation Agreement

  • Sample Chapter Bylaws

  • Officer Roles and Descriptions







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