Officer Resource Toolkit

Monthly Chapter Reports (MCR)

Chapters are required to submit 10 Monthly Chapter Reports (MCRs) per academic year to the Grand Chapter via the online MCR portal, in order to maintain active chapter status. Additionally, chapters will need to complete the Chapter Update Form at least once per semester.

What Is an MCR?

An MCR is a Monthly Chapter Report. MCRs allow all chapters to seamlessly communicate with the Grand Chapter about all local chapter-related activities. For example:

  • Chapter events: Speakers, Community Service, Alumni, Social, etc…

  • Officer meetings 

  • GIS Ambassador activities 

  • Involvement in Inter-Chapter activities

  • Alumni contact information

  • Any virtual chapter activities 

When Should I Submit an MCR? 

  • Reports should be submitted by the 10th of the following month, i.e. the December MCR (listing all December activities) is due at end of day on January 10th.

  • Each report should include events and information from the appropriate month (i.e. your August MCR should only cover information from August 1 – August 31).

  • Note: MCRs can still be submitted after the 10th of the month deadline, but the reported activities will receive fewer points than if the MCR was submitted on time. 

    • Chapters can submit any missing MCRs during an academic year, but will no longer be able to submit MCRs after June 10th (deadline for the final May MCR). ​

How Many MCRs Should I Submit per Year? 

  • Chapters should submit 10 reports each school year (August-May), regardless of how many activities occurred during that month.

  • Any chapter-related activities that may have occurred over the summer (June-July) can be reported via the August MCR of the following academic year. 

What If My Chapter Had No Activities This Month?

Even if no activities occurred within a certain month, your chapter can still earn points by submitting a blank MCR and stating "no chapter activities this month". Remember to select the applicable month in the drop-down list and select or type N/A in any required fields.  

What Is the Relationship Between MCRs and Points? 

  • Chapters receive points for submitting MCRs, and each activity performed earns a certain number of points.

  • Check out the MCR Award Criteria to see how your chapter can obtain Well-Rounded Chapter status, or go above and beyond to obtain Excellent or Superior Chapter status & receive GIS awards.


Where Can I View My Chapter Points?

Your chapter’s SharePoint site includes a Points Grid, so you can keep track of points earned during the academic year.

Step by Step Process

Step 1: Designate one or two officers to track all details of every GIS event/activity.

  • This will save your chapter time when completing the MCR.

  • Track the date of the activity, the type of activity, how many participants, if any GIS alumni were present, and any other important details to describe the activity.

  • Tip: Create a shared Google spreadsheet, so all officers can track and share this data.


Step 2: Determine which officer(s) will be responsible for submitting the monthly MCR on behalf of your chapter.

  • This task is usually a duty of the Secretary or Chapter Operations Officer, but each chapter has the freedom and flexibility to assign this task to any officer.

  • The appointed officer must complete and submit the MCR by the 10th of the following month in order to obtain maximum MCR points for your chapter, so set a monthly reminder.  


Step 3: Complete the MCR online form and list all of the chapter activities that occurred within a certain month. 

  • Month refers to the calendar month of events., i.e. The August MCR should list all activities that occurred between August 1-31, and this form should be submitted by September 10 to achieve maximum MCR points.

  • Total chapter members: Enter the same number in all 10 MCRs for the entire academic year. This number has been emailed to chapter leader(s) at the beginning of the academic year.

    • If you do not know this number, first check your chapter’s SharePoint site, which holds the roster of members from the previous school year, then reach out to the Grand Chapter for clarification. 

  • If your chapter also completed a Chapter Update Form that month, indicate this on the MCR. 

  • Report your community service activity via the MCR.

  • GIS Alumni should be reported if they attend any of your chapter events, in order for your chapter to receive bonus points.

  • Alumni contact information should be captured via the provided spreadsheet and submitted with the November & April MCRs. This will detail the information of members graduating that semester.

    • The form can be attached to the MCR at any month, but submit it in November or April to achieve maximum points.


Step 4: After submitting the first event on the MCR form, you'll be prompted back to the “Chapter Event Submission Form” to submit the next event for that month.

  • Keep repeating this process until you have submitted all of your chapter’s events for that particular month.

  • If you need to change months, close the webpage and open a fresh link to the MCR portal and select the new month that you need to report activities for. 

Tips for Success

  • Each chapter has an unlimited amount of event submissions per month.

  • If you are unsure if an event will “count” for points, always submit it with the best description possible, and the Grand Chapter will categorize it accordingly.

  • It is easiest to submit all events in one sitting.

  • Set a monthly reminder to complete the MCR, i.e. on the 2nd of each month.

  • Check out the MCR Award Criteria that details the specific point values associated with events/submissions. It describes the relationship between points and GIS Awards. This can help your chapter plan ahead for the year’s events.

  • Download this Alumni Contact Information Template, which will need to be attached to the November and April reports.

  • The Public Relations section of the MCR applies when a chapter is recognized in a school publication for certain achievements. It does not apply to social media posts - No points are awarded for local chapter social media posts.

    • If your chapter has been recognized online for any achievement, include the link to the publication in the MCR.