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Membership Types

There are various types of GIS membership. Review the membership application form to review all the membership options and free add-ons. Welcome to the #GammaFam!

New Member

  • Open to any student attending a school with an existing GIS chapter, or a school in the chapter application process.

  • GIS membership is non-discriminatory for any reason including but not limited to race, age, ethnic background, major/field of student, or academic standing.

  • A new member is charged a one-time fee of $25 (USD) which provides a lifetime affiliation with Gamma Iota Sigma!

  • New membership is valid from the date of application until June 30 of the academic year.

Renewal Member

  • Any member who has not yet graduated will be automatically renewed by the Grand Chapter each fall semester.

  • There is no fee for renewal members.

  • If desired, renewal members may opt-out of their renewal membership by contacting Grace Grant and requesting a Renewal Opt-Out Form.

At-Large Member​

  • Open to ANY college student attending a school where no GIS chapter exists.

  • This could include students attending a school with no means for studying risk management and insurance or actuarial science, or students who are in the application process for starting a chapter of Gamma Iota Sigma.

  • An at-large member is charged a one-time fee of $50 (USD) which provides a lifetime affiliation with Gamma Iota Sigma!

  • A student who is an at-large member, whose school later charters a GIS chapter, would be grandfathered in as a member at no additional charge.

National Honorary Member

  • Only the Grand Chapter can grant honorary membership into Gamma Iota Sigma. The local chapter may nominate a person for honorary status, and, if approved, a special Honorary Member Certificate will be issued.

  • The nomination request, on a member application form noting “Honorary Member,” should include a cover letter with rationale for the nominee meriting honorary status.

  • No fee is charged for a National Honorary Member.

Associate Member

  • This membership category is open to an individual whom an existing GIS chapter would like to honor, i.e. a professor, industry representative, an alumnus of a newly formed GIS chapter, etc.

  • The chapter is assessed a one-time fee of $25 (USD), providing the associate member with a lifetime affiliation with Gamma Iota Sigma!

Academic Distinction Designation

  • This designation may be awarded to collegiate members of Gamma Iota Sigma in good standing, at the discretion of the Faculty Advisor.

  • Eligibility criteria for the designation are to be determined by each individual chapter. Criteria must be submitted to the Grand Chapter for approval prior to awarding the designation.

  • The Grand Chapter requires that criteria be based solely upon academic performance and substantially in the study of insurance, risk management, and/or actuarial science. The determination of a minimum grade point average will be at the discretion of the Faculty Advisor, subject to prior approval of the Grand Chapter.

  • The designation will be represented by a gold foil medallion to be affixed to the designee’s GIS membership certificate. The Grand Chapter will provide the medallion at cost.

  • The Grand Chapter is to be provided with the names of all award designees for database recording purposes. Once approved, award criteria may not be amended without prior submission to and approval from the Grand Chapter.







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