Officer Resource Toolkit

Marketing and Social Media

Social Media is a free powerful tool that your chapter can leverage. Encourage your chapter to engage in social media marketing tactics to reach a larger audience. Assign a Public Relations Officer to be in charge of marketing and promoting the excellence of the organization. Take a moment to ensure that your local chapter has a social media presence across all platforms and is following the below guidelines.

Benefits of Having a Public Relations Officer/Communications Officer/Social Media Officer

  • Create/maintain an online presence for your chapter

    • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Blogs, Local websites, etc.

  • Create digital posters/flyers for all upcoming events

    • There are several free online tools available to create eye-catching flyers.

  • Take photos at events and post event recaps.

  • Keep the public up to date on chapter activities.

  • Encourages chapter members to follow your chapter and the Grand Chapter (Gamma Iota Sigma) on social media. 

  • Reaches out to campus newsletters to request inclusion of GIS events, awards, articles, etc.

Marketing Ideas

  • Build your chapter’s brand

    • How do people perceive your chapter?

    • Is there a balance of Fun/Social and Professional activities?

    • How are you going to leave a memorable impression?

  • Ensure that your chapter and GIS as a whole is portrayed positively and duly recognized by its stakeholders.

  • Spotlight officers and members

  • Guest speaker spotlights

  • Record/Live stream guest speakers

  • Collaborate with your college or other campus organizations

  • Define your target audience

    • Students

    • GIS Alumni

    • Employers and other industry professionals

  • Connect with other GIS Officers from across the country and share ideas

    • Join the LinkedIn page for Officers and start a conversation. 

  • Curious about what other GIS chapters are doing?

Marketing Materials

  • Create flyers for every event 

  • Creating accounts where your potential future members and industry partners are: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc.

  • Utilize e-newsletters

  • Digital media in collaboration with school

  • GIS Banner - Order by emailing Grace Grant

  • GIS Merchandise - Order through the GIS online store

    • Apparel: Shirts, sweatshirts, graduation stoles, etc.

    • Accessories: Lapel pins, tablecloths, bags, etc.

  • Merchandise is free advertising for your chapter!

  • Encourage your chapter to pick a day where everyone wears their GIS shirts on campus and take pictures!

Social Media

  • Use the GIS handle naming convention @gischaptername, i.e.

    • @gisalpha

    • @gisbeta

  • Instagram and Snapchat

    • Post pictures from events

    • Highlight speakers and members on stories

    • Have IG and Snapchat takeovers with members and officers

    • Use it to connect with other chapters and campus organizations

  • LinkedIn

    • Repost relevant articles from employers/Grand Chapter

    • Highlight members accomplishments

    • Share events happening with your chapter

    • Follow target employers and organizations

  • Facebook

    • Repost events and hold polls for event ideas

    • Create a private group with chapter members

    • Sign-ups for carpools and volunteering

    • Have a public page for external viewers and alums

  • Twitter

    • Retweet interesting industry articles

    • Post event flyers

    • Connect with GIS alumni

    • Connect with industry partners, your college, department, etc.

Tips for Success

  • Ensure your posts are respectful, appropriate, and a representation of your brand.

  • Many people will get their first impression of your chapter from your chapter social media pages.

  • Avoid using social media solely for inter-chapter communication.

  • Tag the grand chapter (Gamma Iota Sigma) in social media posts to reach a larger audience.

  • Tag companies (especially guest speaker companies).

  • Add hashtags to your chapter posts to reach a broader audience:  #GammaIS, #GammaSAID, #GISAlumni, #GammaGrad, #GammaFam, #TalentPipeline, #CareerTrifecta

  • Consider creating chapter newsletters: one for members and one for alumni.

Why Follow the Grand Chapter?

  • Information about Scholarship Opportunities

  • Reminders about upcoming deadlines

  • Internship Opportunities

  • Student/Alumni Networking events

  • Chapter spotlights

  • Conference Information

  • Connect with other chapters via social media

  • Repost grand chapter content & share with your members 

  • ​Take a moment to follow the Grand Chapter on social media now!
  • Also take a moment to follow GammaSAID across all social media platforms: 

  • Tip: The Grand Chapter emails monthly e-newsletters to all constituents

    • Student newsletter to all registered GIS members.

    • Officer & Advisor newsletter. Chapters that report officers via the Chapter Update Form are added to this listserv. 

    • Industry newsletter to all partner organizations and industry professionals.