Officer Resource Toolkit

Graduation and Succession Planning

Since graduation months are May and December, GIS student Officers should be ready to address and finalize all graduation tasks in April and November. Each semester, Officers should collect contact information of all GIS graduating members and include this information in the relevant MCRs (November MCR and April MCR). Remind all graduating members that GIS is a lifelong network! Encourage them to join a GIS Alumni Chapter and stay involved. #GammaGrads 

How Should I Capture Information?

Use the GIS Alumni Contact Info Template Spreadsheet to capture your graduating member information. The information captured will enable your chapter to stay in contact with them after they graduate.  

When Should I Capture Information? 

At the beginning of the semester, officers should be aware of which members will graduate at the end of the semester. Use the month before graduation (November or April) to complete the template spreadsheet and capture all graduating member information.   

Where Do I Submit Captured Information? 

The completed spreadsheet should be uploaded via the Monthly Chapter Report (MCR) once per semester, i.e. Fall graduates should be reported via the November MCR and Spring graduates should be reported via the April MCR.

The Grand Chapter will review the spreadsheet and follow up with your chapter if any missing information. The Grand Chapter will then store the spreadsheet in your chapter's SharePoint site, so future Officers will have access to this information. 

Where Can I Buy GIS Graduation Materials? 

  • GIS merchandise can be bought via the Official Merchandise Store.

  • This includes graduation stoles, shirts, sweatshirts, lapel pins, tablecloths, bags, and much more!

Officer Succession Planning 

Don't lose momentum! As most senior Officers graduate in May, it is highly recommended for all chapters to start succession planning efforts at the beginning of the Spring semester and have the new Officer executive board in place by Spring Break. This would allow incoming Officers an opportunity to shadow the graduating Officers and transfer valuable information.


Once the new Officers have been finalized/elected/selected, submit a Chapter Update Form and list all the Officers so that any new names can be added to the Officer e-newsletter listserv and receive valuable Officer resources, ideas, and updates.


Due to the current COVID-19 climate, all Officers are being asked to think outside the box and find solutions to ensure a smooth transition between Officers. Consider keeping the graduating Officers involved for a few more months to help train the incoming Officers.


Officer Succession Planning Ideas

  • Send a survey or short online application form to your student members to see who would be interested in holding an Officer position in the upcoming semester.

    • Virtual tools include Google Forms, Survey Monkey, etc.

  • Hold a virtual chapter meeting and allow each candidate 2-5 minutes to present themselves to the chapter and provide reasons why they would be a good candidate for a certain Officer position.

    • Virtual tools include Zoom, Skype, Cisco WebEx, etc.

  • Electing new Officers: Send a poll with all the positions and candidate options to the chapter members, so they can vote. Remember to emphasize the date and time that the polling will close.

  • Appointing new Officers: Consider appointing the incoming Officers instead of holding chapter elections. The graduating Officer(s) and Faculty Advisor can work together to select the best candidates for the various positions.

  • Try a combination of both methods! Candidates present themselves, chapter members vote, and the graduating Officer/Faculty Advisor selects the best student candidate based on the recommendation of the election results.

  • There is no wrong or right way to select the incoming Officer executive board, so feel free to try a new method! 

Email Grace Grant if any questions about training incoming student officers. 







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