Officer Resource Toolkit

Governing Documents

Each chapter should have access to two important governing documents that should be stored in your chapter's SharePoint site: Chapter Bylaws and Chapter Affiliation Agreement. Take a moment now to locate and review both documents.

Chapter Affiliation Agreement

  • This is a document that needs to be reviewed and signed by Faculty Advisors once per academic year.

  • The agreement is a mutual covenant between the GIS organization and each local chapter.

  • The agreement lists various chapter obligations including:

    • Recognition

    • Maintenance of Bylaws

    • Monthly reporting of chapter activities

    • Programming and activities that promote the mission of GIS

    • Non-discriminatory membership to all students of that college

    • Membership dues, and more.

  • Take a moment to review this document with your Faculty Advisor and fellow Officers, as it provides a foundation for all chapter activities. 

Chapter Bylaws

  • Created and maintained by local chapters.

  • Each chapter creates its own Bylaws and this document should be revisited by current officers at least once per academic year.

  • Revised Bylaws should be submitted once per academic year via the Chapter Update Form.

  • Bylaws are the governing rules made by each chapter and they dictate any chapter rules and codes of conduct.

  • Bylaws should be comprehensive and provide a solid foundation for future officers.

  • It is recommended to update Bylaws once a year, so the rules and regulations remain relevant.

  • Bylaws should contain categories such as Objectives, Membership, Faculty Advisor, Student Officers, Statement of Non-discrimination, Financial obligations, Statement of non-hazing, Compliance with campus regulations, etc.

Tips for Success

If your chapter’s SharePoint folder does not contain Bylaws or an Affiliation Agreement, reach out to Grace Grant for examples of these documents.







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