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GammaSAID Council

GammaSAID is an acronym for Solutions for Authenticity, Inclusion, and Diversity. It is a groundbreaking initiative with the potential for long-term talent pool transformation. This student-focused, student-led Council fosters understanding, establishes solutions, and is a representative voice in matters of authenticity, inclusion, and diversity, offering the unique student experience to shape discourse and action across all D&I pillars.

Who Is the GammaSAID Council Made up Of?

  • Current students 

  • Recent GIS member graduates 

How Can I Join the Council?

  • Email and ask to be added to the list! You'll receive call invites and important updates via email.

  • D&I Officer participation in the monthly Council calls is mandatory. If you cannot attend a call, ensure that another representative from your chapter (officer or member) can attend in your stead.  

GammaSAID Council Growth

  • Rapid growth from 16 to 35 chapters with dedicated D&I student officers.

  • 6 additional colleges that have representatives on the Council.

What Can GammaSAID Do for You?

  • Provide resources to meaningfully and creatively engage across campus and with the industry.

  • Bolster your network within GIS and beyond and learn from other chapters’ experiences and ideas.

  • Introduce the many aspects of diversity and inclusion.

  • Create a space to be your authentic self.

  • Opportunity to engage with the Grand Chapter, GIS alumni, and various industry professionals on a monthly basis.

  • Opportunity to become a Student or Alumni Co-Chair, which are national leadership positions. 

GammaSAID Chapter Resources

  • On-Campus Engagement and Event Ideas.

  • Sample D&I Officer Duties and Responsibilities.

  • Tools for driving and encouraging  D&I Awareness.

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