Officer Resource Toolkit

Event Planning

Event planning is a large part of all student officer responsibilities. Presidents, Industry Relation Officers, Event Planning Officers, and others will need to work together to ensure the success of all planned chapter events. Once your team has decided on an event, it’s a good idea to envision the end goal and then work backward to create small tasks that need to be completed and divide these tasks amongst officers. Some events (such as general member meetings) will be repetitive during the semester, while others might only be held once a semester or year.

Benefits of Having an Events Officer

  • Plan and organize professional and social events to improve member relations and involvement.

  • Contact and schedule speakers.

  • Invite GIS alumni to speak/attend events.

  • Seek and provide professional development sessions to members.

  • Plan GIS Ambassador Program activities:

    • Organize the presentations given to high school students encouraging their study of risk management and actuarial science.

    • Organize officer presentations to non-RMI/non-Act Sci college classes.

Logistical Items to Consider 

  • Timing: Book rooms early and create a spreadsheet to stay up to date on events.

    • Survey members on availability, use a free period, utilize different times for events.

    • Are there certain times in the semester where students are less busy?

  • Partner with other organizations/professors.

  • How many/what types of events does your budget allow for?

  • How will members get to events? Example: Start a google doc sign-up for carpools.

  • What do you need to set-up for the room? Examples: Technology, set-up, getting the speaker to the room, refreshments, etc.

Recruiting Tools

  • Planning and hosting awesome chapter events and activities is the number one recruiting tool a chapter can leverage!

  • When your chapter hosts attractive activities and provides various opportunities, students will naturally be attracted and want to partake in these activities.

  • Partner with your Recruiting Officer and Communications Officer to ensure that all planned events are being effectively promoted and advertised.

  • Partner with your D&I Officer to ensure that events are accessible and applicable to all and that at least one event per semester has a specific D&I focus.

Types of GIS Events 

  • Officer Meetings

  • General Body/Member Meetings

  • Professional Development

  • Professionalism

  • Social/Fun Activities

  • Community Service

  • Inter-Chapter Events

  • Alumni Networking

  • Fundraising

  • GIS Ambassador Program

  • Mock Interviews

  • Local Career Fairs

  • Group Study Sessions

Professional Development Event Ideas

  • Interview Skills Workshop

  • Etiquette Workshop

  • Keggers to Cocktails Workshop

  • Golf Etiquette

  • Mock Interviews

  • Resume Workshop

  • Local Career Fair

  • Workplace Habits Workshop

  • Networking Events

  • Meetings with Other Business Societies on Campus

Speaker Event Ideas

  • Industry panel

  • Alumni panel

  • Guest Speaker

  • Research Presentation by Faculty

  • Student Presentation about internship

  • Actuarial-Focused Events: Exam preparation, Coding, CAS vs SOA

Social Event Ideas

  • Happy Hours/Coffee Hours

  • Bowling

  • Movie Night

  • Sporting Events/Gamma Olympics

  • BBQ/Potluck

  • Pizza/Ice Cream Social

  • Local Attractions

  • Family Dinners/Holiday Parties

  • Promote other club events and attend as a group

Virtual Event Ideas

Most in-person events can be modified for a virtual platform! Think outside the box and find new ways for chapter members to connect. Examples include:

  • Virtual officer meetings

  • Virtual general body/member meetings

  • Virtual speakers

  • Virtual alumni panel

  • Educational watch parties (download GIS Educational Series and GammaSAID webinars)

  • Netflix watch parties

  • Virtual game nights

  • Virtual fundraising and donation initiatives