What They Do:

Insurance regulators protect consumers by ensuring that insurance policy provisions comply with state law, are reasonable and fair, and do not contain major gaps in coverage that might be misunderstood by consumers and leave them unprotected.

Why It's Important:

The fundamental reason for government regulation of insurance is to protect American consumers.

Typical Duties:

  • Licensing and regulating insurance companies and others involved in the insurance industry

  • Monitoring and preserving the financial solvency of insurance companies

  • Regulating and standardizing insurance policies and products

  • Controlling market conduct and preventing unfair trade practices

  • Regulating other aspects of the insurance industry

Important Skills:

  • Analytical Skills

  • Reading Skills

  • Writing Skills

  • Communication Skills 

  • Organizations

  • Understanding of regulatory law 

Salary Range

The median annual wage: $110,917

The highest 10% ~ $162,665

Professional Designations:

Associate Professional in Insurance Regulation - APIR

Professional in Insurance Regulation - PIR

Senior Professional in Insurance Regulation - SPIR

Investment Professional in Insurance Regulation - IPIR

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