What They Do:

Insurance Advisors complete a financial needs analysis with clients, which includes assets and liabilities, tax status, existing insurance and risk analysis.

Why It's Important:

An Insurance Advisor provides financial advice to clients on retirement planning, investing, and protecting against risks. Insurance Advisors can be crucial for some customers who need the additional support when understanding their policies or understanding how much they can afford.

Typical Duties:

  • Meeting with clients

  • Offering specialized financial guidance and advice

  • Completing financial needs analysis

  • Creating and explaining customized plans

  • Utilizing knowledge of tax investment strategies

  • Assessing clients' financial portfolios

  • Analyzing clients' risk

  • Encouraging clients to invest in the future

Important Skills:

  • Communication Skills

  • Reading Skills

  • Math Skills

  • Financial Management Skills 

  • Writing Skills

  • Analytical Skills

Salary Range

The median annual wage: $54,392

The lowest 10% ~ $22,500

The highest 10% ~ $94,000


Professional Designations:

CIC – Certified Insurance Counselor

CRM – Certified Risk Manager

AAI – Accredited Advisor in Insurance

CISR – Certified Insurance Service Representative

AIS – Associate in Insurance Services

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