Officer Resource Toolkit

Chapter Update Form

Officers should complete this online form at least once per semester to provide the Grand Chapter with an update of who the leaders of your local GIS chapter are. It provides the Grand Chapter with valuable information, such as who the current officers are, who the current faculty advisor is, etc.  

When Should the Form Be Completed?

The GIS Chapter Update Form should be completed any time your chapter has new officers to report. For example: 

  • At the end of the semester, to report who the new/incoming officers are.

  • At the beginning of the semester, to confirm who the current/actual officers are.

  • At any point during the semester, when any new/incoming officers have been selected.


Once officers have been reported, they will be added to the GIS Officer e-newsletter listserv and receive monthly email communications from the Grand Chapter. 

What If I Only Have One Minor Change/Update?

If your chapter has already submitted a Chapter Update From this semester and then experiences a minor change, there is no need to complete the entire form again. Instead, email any minor changes to Tandeka Nomvete and we will update the submitted form. 

What Information Only Needs to Be Submitted Annually? 

Review the instructions listed on the online form, as certain items only need to be submitted once per academic year:

  • Location of your chapter's Charter (email Tandeka Nomvete if you need an example of what this looks like).

  • Updated Chapter Bylaws. 

  • Chapter Social Media handles. 







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