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Ambassador Program

The GIS Ambassador Program aims to spread the message of Gamma Iota Sigma to high school and non-RMI/non-Act Sci college students. Many students are unaware of the various opportunities within the insurance industry. The Ambassador Program aims to educate students about GIS and provide a glimpse of the industry possibilities that await them. 

How Can I Become a GIS Ambassador?

Anyone can be a GIS ambassador! Ensure that your officers are planning outreach events to high schools and non-RMI/non-Act Sci college classrooms. You never know whose life you're about to change! 

Where Should I Start? 

  • High Schools:

    • GIS has partnered with Invest - An organization that provides numerous resources to teach insurance education and career training in schools across the nation. Check out the Invest website to see which high schools are enrolled in the program and how you can participate.  

    • Collaborate with the admissions department at your college, as they may have a list of local high schools that you can speak to. They may also give you additional information about your college's RMI/Actuarial Science program that you could speak about.

  • Non-RMI/non-Act Sci college classrooms: 

    • Collaborate with your Faculty Advisor to create a list of potential classrooms that you could speak to.

    • Keep in mind that ANY student of ANY major can join GIS and that the insurance industry has several opportunities for students of all majors, i.e. IT, Data Analytics, Human Resources, Marketing, Accounting, Finance, and much more. 

What Resources and Examples Are Available? 

Reach out to Grace Grant for examples and templates, including PowerPoint presentations, draft letter/email to High School educators, and Survey examples.   

Should I Survey the Students? 

Yes! It's helpful to survey the students that you are presenting to. You could collect their contact information to add them to your chapter invite lists, or ask specific questions to prompt them to think deeper about your presentation, i.e. Did you consider a career in Insurance before this presentation?

Where Do I Report Ambassador Activities?

Report all ambassador activities via the Monthly Chapter Report form. Ensure that you notate whether it was a high school visit or a college classroom visit. Additional points are awarded for uploading any completed surveys. 







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